I’m blogging!

Welcome to my blog, everyone!

This my first article (from hopefully a longer list). With each post I’m going to try and give tips & tricks on Javascript in general and particularly ExtJS. Ocasionally, there are going to be posts on Python / Django and PHP.

I hope you’ll find my posts both useful and enjoyable.

/*global requirejs:false */
(function (requirejs) {

'use strict';

baseUrl: './js',
paths: {
// libs
soma: '../bower_components/soma.js/build/soma',
template: '../bower_components/soma-template/build/soma-template',
director: '../bower_components/director/build/director',
// app paths
views: './views',
models: './models'
shim: {
'template': {
deps: ['soma']
'director': {
exports: 'Router'


], function (soma, template, TodoModel, RouterModel, HeaderView, MainView, FooterView) {

var TodoApp = soma.Application.extend({
init: function () {
// mapping rules so the model and router can be injected
this.injector.mapClass('model', TodoModel, true);
this.injector.mapClass('router', RouterModel, true);
// create templates for DOM Elements (optional soma-template plugin)
this.createTemplate(HeaderView, document.getElementById('header'));
this.createTemplate(MainView, document.getElementById('main'));
this.createTemplate(FooterView, document.getElementById('footer'));
start: function () {
// dispatch a custom event to render the templates

// create the application
new TodoApp();